clinique les narcisses

Polyclinique les Narcisses medico-surgical entity located in the center of Gueliz, which offered for more than 30 years comprehensive and multidisciplinary care.

05 24 44 75 75

112, Quartier O.L.M Camp El Ghoul Route de Targa Marrakech

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24h/24 7j/7

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05 24 44 75 75

112, Quartier O.L.M Camp El Ghoul Route de Targa Marrakech


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The Cardiology Marrakech center takes care of patients with:
– cardiovascular pathologies, valve pathologies (under cover of the surgical team).
– Ischemic and rhythmic (exploration and treatment of rhythm disorders, pacemaker)

It consists of an intensive cardiological care unit, an angioplasty coronary angiography room, a functional exploration unit (cardiac ultrasound, stress test with a safety system, blood pressure and rhythm Holter) and an inpatient unit.

The cardiology center takes care of all cardiac pathologies.

Units at your disposal


– Echocardiography.
– VO²MAX (Maximum Oxygen Volume).
– Stress test with instant pressure by sound and a safety system.
– Blood pressure and rhythmic Holter.


– Electrophysiological exploration.
– The implantation of pacemaker and defibrillator.
– Radiofrequency for the treatment of rhythmic disorders.


It has 130 beds, all rooms can benefit from resuscitation if necessary.


– A latest generation Catheterization room (first installation of the Artis One Siemens in Morocco and North Africa).
– Peripheral arteriography and angioplasties.
– Cerebral arteriography of the vessels of the neck and limbs.


A modern and high-performance technical platform that can take care of all cardiovascular pathologies 24 hours a day